Global Kindness Foundation is a Canadian based charity providing medical, dental and optical services to people world wide.  

Our Story

Global Kindness foundation was founded in 2007 by Dr. Hasnain Dewji and his wife Fatemah Dewji in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.  They have always had a passion for serving people and in the past had volunteered their time through various other charities and initiatives including Kindness in Action. 

Through this work, they identified that many impoverished regions were not serviced due to the difficult conditions or lack of desire and thus the Global Kindness Foundation was born.  Its early missions were to Najaf, Iraq and Kargil, India.  Over time Global Kindness Foundation has visited Carrefour, Haiti, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Calloa, Peru and revisited various cities in Iraq.  In 2010 Global Kindness was granted official charity status and has continued missions every year since.  

With your help, the future only hold more smiles world wide.